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Beyhold, Moya, and her swarthy crew of misfits and runaways. Moya is the ship. The living ship upon which this crew lives and tries to survive one crisis after another. Below are some pictures I have found of the crew (past and present) and a villian or two.


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Some 30-odd years ago, John Robert Crichton, Jr. was born in
North Carolina. His scientist mother was a strong role-model,
and he was inspired to study physics, attending MIT and
ultimately achieving a doctorate in theoretical sciences. But
Chricton was equally inspired by his astronaut father. When
the opportunity arose to train with IASA as an astronaut, he
jumped at the chance. Because of his strengths as a
scientist, he was a valued mission specialist on several
shuttle missions.

Despite his astronaut status and tall, classic good looks,
Chricton still considers himself just one of the science nerds,
like his buddies. Up until recently, his take-charge, heroic
nature has remained dormant -- until that fateful day when his
experimental, one-man capsule accidently shot him to the far
end of the universe.

Since being hurtled across the galaxy and joining a fugitive
crew aboard a living vessel (Moya), Crichton has managed to
survive many obstacles, including lethal confrontations with
carnivorous and shapeshifting aliens. The difficulties he and
the alien crew have undergone have forged a special bond
between them all, especially his romantic interest, Aeryn Sun. They'll need that bond to survive. The
merciless Peacekeepers, a military race, dog their every step,
and Chricton in particular is their target. Click on Ben Browder's picture to be taken to more of Ben Browder.

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Aeryn was formerly a front-line soldier in the Peacekeeper corps: a grunt, and proud of it. She was a pilot, part of the kick-ass Pleisar Regiment -- always the first unit in harm's way.

Aeryn is intensely proud of the fact that she can hold her own among any of her fellow soldiers, male or female. Being trapped aboard Moya and having to count on all these non-Peacekeepers for her survival has been anathema to her instincts and training, but it's forced her to grow as a person, to think bigger and to be better than she was before.

During a disasterous encounter with a sadistic scientist, Aeryn was injected with Pilot's DNA and, although the transformation was reversed, she still retains some of that genetic material. She now shares a close bond with Pilot, in addition to having an innate, technical knowledge to operate the vast ship.

But Aeryn is still at odds with her Peacekeeper past. It's the only family she's ever known, and even though she's rejected it (and been rejected by it), her pride and sense of knowing her purpose have been wounded. She now sees the Peacekeepers more clearly -- ruthless, often brutal -- but her pride was formed mostly out of what they made her, and without them, even realizing their faults, she still has an affinity for them and the place that she lost. Now in the 3rd season, she has stopped resisting her urge to experience the emotions that the Peacekeepers frowned upon, exploring her sexuality with Commander Creighton .Click on the picture of Claudia Black above to be taken to her website.

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D'Argo is a huge, bellicose member of the Luxan -- a race of fierce, much-feared warriors known throughout the galaxy for their propensity to conquer anything or anybody in their path. His first reaction to most every situation is to go in blasting and ask questions never.

In season one, it is revealed that D'Argo was framed for his Sebacean wife's murder. Although Captain Crais was aware of his innocence, the Luxan warrior was imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, in no small part due to the Peacekeeper feeling that a Sebacean/Luxan pairing was miscegenation, and an abomination. D'Argo's son has since disappeared and it is D'Argo's quest to be reunited with him.

D'Argo has a harder time than most connecting with others aboard Moya, although lately he's grown to respect Aeryn as a fellow warrior and Crichton as a fighter and almost a friend. He also has much respect for Zhaan and may have developed some protective feelings toward Chiana. Any kind of good relationship with Rygel is probably a lost cause.

Besides the false imprisonment he endured for murder, D'Argo another bit of false pretenses in his past. In order to save his comrades in battle, he assumed the rank and guise of a Luxan general, an act that saved his compatriots, but a deception that troubles him still, for it was a dishonorable act, according to the Luxan code.

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Chiana is a headstrong, acid-tongued survivor, and entirely self-sufficient -- a true self-preservationist and an artful scammer. This edgy exterior, however, hides emotional vulnerability; a sarcasm-tinged sense of humor, and a wide-eyed adventurous spirit.

Chiana ran away from a very regimented society that viewed her natural bent for independent thinking as a threat -- it wanted to reprogram her. She escaped to experience freedom and adventure in the vastness of the universe, but, just like everyone else on Moya, she's a fugitive.

Able to slide effortlessly into any persona she chooses, she's equally comfortable in penthouses and back-alleys. When she first came aboard Moya, she was quick to size up Crichton and the others for whatever benefits she could wrest from them. However, the more time she spends on Moya, the more Chiana comes to respect them, and as time passes, she's actually hammering out her own niche aboard the ship. Played by Australian actress extraordinaire, Gigi Edgely.

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Pa'u (meaning 'Priest') Zotoh Zhaan is a Delvian. She's immensely strong, terribly dignified, and she's 812 years old (although that's ancient for most races, her comparable human age is about 40). Delvians are a highly spiritual race, thoughtful and peace loving. Zhaan has reached the 10th Plateau in the Delvian Seek, a search for perfect understanding and unity with all life.

However peace-loving and gentle Zhaan appears, she carries a dark burden. Because her lover, a leader among the Delvians, was proceeding with plans to give control of their world to the Peacekeepers, Zhaan murdered him in a manner most foul. During an intertwining of her soul and mind with her lover, an encounter both spiritual and sexual, she used her power to overwhelm him and kill him, an act that nearly drove her mad.

In prison Zhaan brought herself back from insanity step by small step, nurturing a higher, wiser power in herself that could keep the dark forces in her soul under control. She is not entirely safe, however. At certain times on their indeterminate voyage, Zhaan has broken faith with herself, or has been forced to, and her dark side has emerged. Besides being individuals of immense power and wisdom, Delvians are also plant-based life forms -- which explains Zhaan's euphoric response to sunlight. Her form does not consist of bones, but of plant tissues and fibers. Virginia is no longer part of the Farscape crew (she's obviously moved on to bigger and maybe better things) but the memory of Zhaan will be eternal, especially in the mind of her one love interest, Stark, who is now a permanent member of Moya's crew (though the crew has been split between Talyn and Moya when Talyn had to starburst to avoid a peacekeeper invasion to retrieve the armed leviathan....but THATS another whole story. Click on the picture of Zhaan (actress Virginia Hey) and be taken to her personal website where you can write to her and see some out of sight promo pix of Virginia.

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Standing all of 26 inches tall -- when he deigns to stand at all -- Rygel is the royal sovereign to over 600 billion loyal subjects. Unfortunately for him, none of them is aboard this ship! The victim of a coup by his evil cousin, Rygel has been a prisoner now for over 250 years.

Rygel is, more than any other individual aboard Moya,, excessively concerned with his own self-interest. Of all the personalities aboard the ship, he alone seems to have created no special bond with anyone. Hardly surprising, considering his attitute, and when it's topped off with treachery, infantile behavior, and a condescending attitude, is it really any wonder he's so isolated?

So, does this dominar have any redeeming qualities? Well, he's a tough individual (he withstood the attentions of many torturers), he's excessively clever (he can out-trade, out-scrounge just about anyone), and he's got lots of pluck.

There's more to him than meets the eye, for sure. Click on Rygel's image to be taken to Jim Henson Studios website.


Pilot is Moya's control center, biologically and psychically bound to the leviathan -- all of her systems are monitored and maintained by him. He's her majordomo, keeping her functioning in top form, communicating for her, and worrying for her so she doesn't have to -- and he does a lot of worrying...

Pilot was once a self-sustained individual, but now his upper-torso fused (more or less permanently) to floor and walls of his chamber deep within Moya. He is now fully part of Moya, even though he is still his own species.

When D'Argo, Rygel and Zhaan chopped off his arm in a despicable trade agreement, Pilot was able to regenerate it. But the unpredictable nature of the conspirators in this event, have made Pilot and Moya acutely aware that the crew can never be entirely trusted. Despite this, and due to a bizarre, torturous experiment, Aeryn shares some of Pilot's DNA. This has given the warrior and the explorer a special affinity and a growing affection.


Scorpius' single-minded mission: to
develop a means to control the
creation, and travel
possibilities, of the natural
space phenomenon known as
wormholes. His development of
the Aurora Chair was a major
coup and he uses it no matter
how cruel it might be to his
advantage. His primary mission
now is to find Crichton,
because the secret to wormhole
technology may be locked in
the human astronaut's mind,
placed there by the race known
as The Ancients. We, now being in season three, Scorpius having found Crighton, extracted the microchip he had earlier implanted in John's scull, and now seems to be on a different mission to destroy the Sekaryns, remember Scorpio is half Sebatian and half Sekaryn. After removing the chip form John's skull, a sort of ghost of Scorpius (whom John refers to as "Harv") is left to continue tormenting Crighton (in one episode we see Scorpius' rearing by a ruthless and sadistic lying bitch of a Sekaryn.) It will be wonderful to see how season 3 ends. Scorpius is played by the brilliant actor Wayne Pygram.


Stark is a mysterious figure with incredible powers of healing and mental abilities on par with Zhaan's. A member of the enslaved Banik race, Stark had been cruelly expermimented on by Scorpius in the Aurora Chair. Together, he and Crichton escaped, but Stark still harbors a pathological hatred of Scorpius. A member of the enslaved Banik race, Stark has the ability to ease pain and suffering of others. This trait, inherent to the Stykera (a particularly special breed of Banik) made him a highly sort after test subject for Scorpius' Aurora Chair. Stark helped Crichton survive the horrors of the Aurora Chair and together the both of them escaped from Scorpius' Gammak base ("Nerve/Hidden Memory").

Stark returned to Moya in season two and developed a special relationship with Zhaan, both of whom are able to use their specific mental powers to communicate extraverbally. He also bore the best kind of news for D'Argo: the location of D'Argo's long-lost son, Jothee.

Stark was sentenced to death after taking the blame for an attack Talyn caused, but the hardy Banik didn't die, he merely reverted to a non-corporeal form. Several episodes later, Stark returned to the crew, seemingly unharmed. There, he was able to help his shipmates reunite Jothee and D'Argo.

Stark is played by actor Paul Goddard.


Bialar Crais was born in a
Sebacean farming community,
but while still a boy, he and his
younger brother Tauvo were
wrestled from their family and
conscripted against their will
into the Peacekeeper military. If
you asked Crais what his
crusade was, he'd tell you he
was bent on avenging the brutal
murder of his brother. He'd say
that loudly, with gusto and
insistence. But Crais knows, in
his heart, that Crichton didn't
murder his brother on purpose,
but having no one to blame is
terrifying to Crais. He needs a
scapegoat, and Crichton,
coupled with the "contaminated
Aeryn, fill that role perfectly.
Crais' respect for the
Peacekeeper mandates is
unclear; at times, he's the
flagbearer for military tradition;
at other times, he's a renegade.
Anything that could be
construed as a challenge to his
authority terrifies him; he
despises Scorpius for almost
the same reason he despises
Crichton. Like Inspector Javert,
Crais simply wants the universe
to operate by his rules. And
only Crais knows what his rules
are. Because of this, the
motives behind his decision to
defect from the Peacekeeper
military, and his decision to
steal Talyn, remain to be fully revealed. Now being in the 3rd season, all of this has changed. Crais is now the renegade captain of Moya's
child, Talyn, and is working WITH Creighton and the rest of Moya's crew to elude the peacekeepers,
keep Talyn and themselves alive. Crais is played by actor Lani Tupu (who also does the voice for Pilot).


Jool is a young alien woman of remarkable accomplishment.
Strikingly beautiful with orange-and-yellow-hued skin offset by a mane of wild, silken hair, she has a fiery
temperament to match her visage. Raised in a peaceful star system, Jool attended a rigorous series of universities,
raising herself into the "meritocracy" -- earned respect
and privilege. As such, she
has, at a young age, become
schooled in the arts and graces
of a finer life. She's proficient in
everything from music and art
to biology, chemistry and
universal cosmology. However,
all of this is "book knowledge"
-- never before utilized in the
real world. As such, despite her
prodigious factual base, none
of it is proven in experience.
While on a trip to the other side
of the galaxy -- the equivalent of
visiting Italy to study ancient
sculpture -- her group was
hijacked and forced into
slavery. Near death, her body
was sold into medical research,
and for the last 15 years, she's
been frozen solid, her organs
earmarked for donation to
anyone who had the money to
purchase them. However,
before she could be dissected
and carved up, Crichton and the
others aboard Moya rescued
her -- Jool's last 2 remaining
friends (also flash-frozen when
she was) dying in the process.
And for this last bit, she will
forever blame Crichton. When
back-footed, she lashes out.
When cornered, she fights --
even if a rational argument
eludes her. When at ease, she
can charm the scales off a
snake. Despite all this, Jool is
not a hard woman. She's full of
charm and sass and verve and
vinegar -- confident by
intelligence, clever by brain,
sexy by genetics. Jool is played by actress Tammy MacIntosh. (click on her image to view more pix of Jool and a few of Tammy sans makeup!!)


This is Jothee, D'Argo's son. For the first two seasons we saw D'Argo constantly searching for Jothee, only to find him, in the 3rd season, living as one of Scorpius' slaves. Jothee escapes and makes his way to Moya, being joyously reunited with his father on this strange living ship, but then after having sex with Chianna (remember, D'Argo was about to ask Chiana to marry him), Jothee having betrayed his father, leaves Moya. Played by actor Matt Newton.




All things "Farscape" credited to Jim Henson Studios, includinig all images and narratives published here in, August, 2001.

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