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CD Collection: 2008

· 808 State: Cubik
· 999: Bongos on the Nile (The Best of 999)
· 12th of Never: 12th Of Never
· 10,000 Maniacs: Best of 10000 Maniacs
· 10 cc: The Best of 10 cc
· 7even: Electric Earth (rare/out of print - see also Barry Andrews and Shriekback)
· Daniel Ash: Daniel Ash (see also Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones on Tail)
· Azure Ray: Misty (ep)
· Angelzoom: Crawling
· Atlanta Rhythm Section: Spooky
· Angtoria: Dead Leaves Ever
· Amberian Dawn: Evil Inside Me
· A Lump of Coal: Alternative Christmas
· Army of Lovers: Crucified
· Arctic Monkey: Fake Tales of San Francisco
· Assemblage 23: Disappoint (ep)
· Asrai: In Front of Me
· Avantasia: Lost in Space (ep), The Metal Opera (I & II)
· Alabama 3 (aka A3): Exile on Coldharbor Lane, Exile on Coldharbour Lane REMIXES, La Peste, Power in the Blood, Ya Busta (bootleg), Zero Tolerance (bootleg), WUTM single, Collected B-sides/Live, Sad Eyed Lady single, Live Barrowlands 1998 (bootleg), Maida Vale Studios 2002, A3-The Mixes (w/John Prine), Live Dublin 11/02 (rare bootleg), Last Train to Mashville, Outlaw (brand new 2006!!), M.O.R.
· Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm, Lost in Space, Whatever, Fucking Smilers (see also Til Tuesday)
· A Story to Tell: Various Artists (coffee house)
· Artrosis: Morpheus
· Anything Box: Living in Oblivion
· America: Greatest Hits
· Andrews, Barry: ...and If I Refuse (bonus: Restaurant For Dogs), Haunted Box of Switches (see also Shriekback & Stic Basin)
· Amos, Tori: From the Choirgirl Hotel, Little Earthquakes, Venus
· Abba: More Abba Gold
· ABC: Absolutely ABC
· Ann Magnuson: The Luv Show (see also Bongwater and Pulsallama)
· Adult Net: Take Me, The Honey Tangle
· Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill, MTV Unplugged, Supposed Former Infactuation Junkie, Volumes II, Under Rug Swept
· Apollo 440: Getting High on Your Own Supply
· Air: Moon Safari
· Apocolyptica: Apocolyptica
· Amazulu: Too Good To be Forgotten
· Alternative: Alternative
· Alison Moyet: Alf, Raindancing, Hoodoo, Essex, The Singles (UK release)
· Adam Ant (and the Ants): Antics in the Forbidden Zone, Wonderful
· Abra Moore: Strangest Places, The Best of Abra Moore (ex "Poi Dog Pondering" vocalist - VERY cool!)
· Abba: More Abba Gold
· Angie Aparo: The American
· Barry Adamson: Soul Murder, The Best of Barry Adamson (see also Magazine)
· Astral Projection: Dancing Galaxy
· Art of Noise: The Seduction of Claude DeBussey, An Extra Pulse of Beauty, Live Seduction, The Ambient Album
· Alphaville: The Best of Alphaville, Forever Young
· Aphex Twin: Best of Aphex Twin
· Laurie Anderson: Tightrope
· James Angell: Private Player
· Ian Anderson: Secret Language of Birds (see also Jethro Tull)
· Jann Arden: Living Under June, Best of Jann Arden
· Joan Armatrading: Live UK 1982, Greatest Hits, What's Inside, Track Record, The Shouting Stage
· Altered Images: The Best of Altered Images
· Animotion: Obsession
· Aural Affinities (various artists/punk)
· A-Ha: And you Tell Me
· Aemon: Fooly Dressed
· Aztec Camera: Good Morning Britain
· Apoptygma Berzerk: Various downloads
· Ace Frehley: Ozone
· After Forever: After Forever
· Betty: Limboland
· Beth Orton: Central Reservation, Trailer Park
· Babe The Blue Ox: Lotto Train
· Buttermilk: Mother Serious
· Bucks Fizz: Best of Bucks Fizz, New Beginning
· "The Breakfast Club" Soundtrack
· Blue Angel (w/Cyndi Lauper): Blue Angel
· Bryan Ferry: 20 Years
· Julie Brown: Goddess In Progress
· Belly: Best of Belly, King
· The B-52s: Time Capsule, Wild Planet, Whammy, Mesopotamia, Party Mix, Cosmic Thing, Funplex
· Bomb: Devil is Us
· James Blunt: James Blunt
· Bowling For Soup: Bowling For Soup
· Beyond Punk: 1978-2005
· Bauhaus: Collection 79-83, Crackle (see also Peter Murphy, Danielle Ash, Tones on Tail, & Love and Rockets)
· The Bob Crewe Generation: Barbarella and More
· Bronski Beat: Age of Consent
· David Byrne: Walking a Million Miles (Best of...)
· Blondie: No Exit, Parallel Lines, Best of Blondie, Blondie Live, Blonde and Beyond, Midnight Blonde, All The Children Are Drunk, Live London 1981, The Curse of Blondie
· Blues Traveller: Four
· Blue Oyster Cult: The Best of Blue Oyster Cult
· Bree Sharp: Cheap and Evil Girl
· Before X: Various Artists
· The Blow Monkeys: Best of the Blow Monkeys
· The Blue Nile: Best of Blue Nile, Peace at Last
· The Bloodhound Gang: Hooray for Boobies
· Adrian Belew: Best of Adrian Belew (see also King Crimson)
· The Buggles: Living in the Plastic Age, On TV
· Berlin: Best of Berlin, Pleasure Victim, Love Life
· Book of Love: Book of Love
· Bow Wow Wow: See Jungle! See Jungle!, Best of Bow Wow Wow
· The Blue Up: Spool Forka Dish, Cake and Eat It
· Boston: Boston
· Blanc Mange: The Best of Blanc Mange
· Bourgeois Tagg: Best of all Possible Worlds
· Bongwater: The Big Sell-Out, The Power of Pussy, Live Bootleg @ CBGB's 1989, The Peel Sessions (also see Ann Magnuson and Pulsallama)
· Bread: The Best of Bread (David Gates)
· The Bolshoi: The Best of The Bolshoi
· Boody and Soul: Wildflowers
· Betty: Limboland
· B-Movie: Nowhere Girl
· The Bravery: Honest Mistake
· The Bush Tetras: Bush Tetras Greatest Hits
· Brian Eno: Best of Brian Eno, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (with David Byrne), Wrong Way Up (with John Cale)
· David Bowie: Labyrinth Soundtrack, Changes, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
· Bjork: Post, Homogenic (see also The Sugarcubes and KUKL)
· Beck: Odelay, Mutations, Sea Change, Mellow Gold, Live @ Austin City Limits '02 (with Flaming Lips)
· David Byrne: The Catherine Wheel (with Brian Eno)
· Boss Hog: Boss Hog
· Billy Bragg & The Blokes: NPWA single, England Half English
· The Breeders: Last Splash
· The Beloved: Conscience
· The Breakbeat Era: Ultra Obscene
· Danielle Brisebois: Arrive All Over You
· Blackbox: Dreamland
· Big Audio Dynamite: This is B.A.D. (original UK release)
· Pat Benetar: Inamoratta
· Bomb: Devil is US
· Bella Morte: sOMa
· Big Hits, Skinny Ties: New Wave in the UK
· The Boomtown Rats: I Hate Mondays
· Pete Bardens: Seen One Earth
· The Cramps: A Date With Elvis (cd and Lp/limited edition)
· Camel: A Compact Compilation
· Colin Hay: Transcendental Highway (note: this is the guy from "Men at Work" gone solo)
· Josie Cotton Band: From the Hip
· Gary Clail: Human Nature
· LLoyd Cole & The Commotions: Glastonbury 1986, Odeon 1985, Rattlesnakes
· C'Cat Trance: 1983 Live
· Creature Feature: The Greatest Show Unearthed
· Covenant: Dead Stars
· Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Sessions, Miles From Our Home, Live Royal Exchange BBC May '90 (bootleg)
· Creatures: Anima Animus (see also Siouxsie and the Banshees)
· Chris & Cosey: Boom Boom, Pagan Tango
· The Carpenters: This Masquerade
· Tim Curry: Something Short of Paradise
· Crowded House: Something So Strong
· Culture Club: Best/Worst of the Culture Club
· Scott Cossu: Islands, She Describes Infinity
· Cactus World News: Worlds Apart (ep)
· John Cale: Christmas in Wales
· Marc Cohn: Marc Cohn
· Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting, Best of Concrete Blonde, Walking in London, Mexican Moon, Group Therapy
· Carl Marsh: Too Much Fun
· Cloning Einstein: I Believe
· Crystal Method: Vegas, Batman and Beyond
· Anne Clark: The Best of Anne Clark
· Captain Sensible: Hey Joe
· Cranberries: Everybody Else is Doing it Why Can't We, Bury The Hatchet, Promises, No Need to Argue
· Cocteau Twins: Four Calendar Café, Blue Bell Knoll, Peel Sessions 1983, Heaven or Las Vegas (cs)
· Cornershop: Best of Far, When I Was Born For the 7th Time, Handcream for a Generation
· Claire Voyant: Love Is Blind
· Gary Clail: Emotional Hooligan
· Classix Nouveaux: Still Classix
· Cat Stevens: Teaser and the Firecat, Tea For the Tillerman
· Jim Croce: Photographs & Memories
· CSNY: Teach Your Children
· Covenant: Dead Stars
· cEvin Key: Aphasia
· Coil: The Anal Staircase
· Chikinki: Ether Radio
· Café Jacques: Bonjour
· Chicago (Transit Authority): The Best of Chicago
· Cyclefly: Cyclefly
· Chapterhouse: Love and Warriors
· CUD: Now Cud
· The Comsat Angels: Dark Parade
· The Church: Remote Luxury
· Conjure One: Conjure One, Extraordinary Ways
· Cyndi Lauper: Sisters of Avalon, Hat Full of Stars, 12 Deadly Cyns, She's So Unusual, A Night to Remember, Shine - see also Blue Angel
· Paula Cole Band: Harbinger, This Fire, Amen, Cowboys (cd single)
· The Cars: Best of the Cars, The Cars, Candy-O, Panorama
· China Crisis: The Best of China Crisis
· The Cardigans: Gran Turismo, Carnival
· The Catherine Wheel: Black Metallic
· The Dandy Warhols: The Dandy Warhols Come Down
· The Danse Society: The Best of Danse Society
· Die Verbannten Kinder Evas: Come Heavy Sleep
· The Dixie Dregs: Kashmir
· Danielle Dax: Blast the Human Flower, Best of Danielle Dax, Danielle Dax Live bootlegs (pts 1 and 2), Dark Adapted Eye, BBC Sessions, Tomorrow Never Knows, Big Blue '82, Comatose Non Reaction, Pop-Eyes, Jesus Egg That Wept, Timber Tongue, Chemical Wedding, Inky Bloaters (sadly DD is no longer in the music biz, but her legacy WILL live on thru her music - see also The Lemon Kittens)
· Disco 2007: Compilation of 73 hits from the 70's (my choice)
· Diary of Dreams: One of 18 Angels
· Deafening Divinities with Aural Affinities: Compilation
· Michael Dean: Commercial
· Devo: Adventures of the Smart Patrol, Total Devo (cs), Smooth Noodle Maps (cs)
· Michael Dean: Commercial
· David J: Urban Urbane (see also Bauhaus)
· Daft Punk: Digital Love
· Dark Princess: Dark Princess
· The Doobie Brothers: The Best of the Doobie Bros
· Thomas Dolby: The Best of Thomas Dolby
· Deep Forest: Boehme
· Deutch Amerikanshe Freundschaft: Daf
· Heather Duby: Post to Wire
· Ani DeFranco: Living in Clip (live-2cd set)
· David A. Stewart: Greetings From the Gutter (see also Eurythmics & The Tourists)
· Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin: The Big Idea, Up From the Dark
· The Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
· Delerium: Karma
· Deodato: Waters of March
· The Dresden Dolls: Backstabber
· Dido: No Angel
· Delain: A Day for Ghosts
· The Dreamside: Spin Moon Magic
· Datarock: Ugly Primadonna
· Deathcab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
· Dream Academy: Life in A Northern Town
· Enya: Ask The Mountain
· EG Daily: Tear Down the Walls
· Electracy: In Here We Fall
· Eagles: Hotel California
· End of Days soundtrack
· Elis: For Such a Long Time
· Enigma: The Cross of Changes
· Elastic Purejoy: South Phoenix, The Elastic Purejoy, Disengagement EP, Clutter of Pop (see also Low Pop Suicide, Gang of Four, & Shriekback)
· Electric Light Orchestra: Out of the Blue, Zoom, Live Koln 1982, Into The Light (ultra-rarities/2cd set)
· Edenbridge: Holy Fire
· Echo & the Bunnymen: Evergreen
· Epica: Fools of Damnation
· Eon: Basket Case
· Escape Club: Wild Wild West
· Evanesence: Fallen, Ghost Story
· Electric Six: Gay Bar
· Eurythmics: In the Garden, Revenge, Savage, Peace, 1984 & Rare B-Sides, Live UK '82, Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics Greatest Hits, Touch, Touch Dance, Collected B-Sides Vols 1-3, Live Wembley Arena 1999, (see also David A. Stewart, Annie Lennox, & The Tourists)
· ELP: The Best of ELP, Pictures at an Exhibition (live)
· Eurogliders: Absolutely, Heaven
· Eleni Mandell: Nightmare, Eleni Mandell (go to for purchase and Eleni info)
· Brian Ferry: Live Belfast 2002-BBC Radio (see also Roxy Music)
· Fluke: Risotto (see also Shriekback & Barry Andrews)
· Flaming Lips: The Soft Bulletin
· Folk Implosion: One Part Lullaby
· Faith No More – Faith no More
· Flesh Field: Where Angels Go to Die
· Fujiya & Miyagi: Ankle Injuries
· Fleetwood Mac: Fleetwood Mac
· Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
· Flesh For Lulu: The Best of Flesh For Lulu
· Fuzzbox: Big Bang, Rules and Regulations to Pink Sunshine: The Fuzzbox Story
· Fetchin' Bones: Monster
· Forest for the Trees: Forest for the Trees, Planet Unknown (cd single), The Sound of Wet Paint (cd-ep)
· Flash and the Pan: Greatest Hits
· Flowing Tears: Lovesong for a Dead Child
· Fragments of Infinity
· Freur: Doot-Doot (US & UK Releases), Get Us Out of Here (also see Underworld)
· The Flying Lizards: The Best of the Flying Lizards, The Flying Lizards
· Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack
· Filter: Thanks Bro, Short Bus (see also Nine Inch Nails)
· Michael Franks: The Camera Never Lies
· Donald Fagen: The best of Donald Fagen
· Franz Ferdinand: Well That Was Easy
· Ben Folds: Red is Blue
· Garbage: Garbage, 2.0, Beautiful Garbage
· Gene Simmons: Firestarter (best of)
· Gang of Four: A Brief History, Songs of the Free (see also Dave Allen, Low Pop Suicide, The Elastic Purejoy)
· Gary Numan: The Best of Gary Numan, Outland, Numan Experience
· The Grateful Dead: Workingman's Dead, Terrapin Station, One From The Vault (disc 1), Shakedown Street, American Beauty, Blues for Allah
· Gene Loves Jezebel: Heavenly Bodies, Desire
· Guadal Canal Diary: Welcome Spirits
· The Go Betweens: Greatest Hits, The Friends of Rachel Worth
· Gruppo Sportivo: J'ai Dit Non
· Gino Vanelli: For Your Love
· Good Things End: End of Story
· Grace Jones: The Best of Grace Jones, Silent Life
· The Go-Go's: Beauty and the Beat (see also Jane Wiedlin)
· Godspell Soundtrack
· The Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc
· Nanci Griffith: Flyer, One Fair Summer Evening
· Michael Gettel: The Art of Nature, Skywatching
· Heart: Early Hits
· Hugh Harris: Words for our Years
· James Horner: The Name of The Rose (soundtrack)
· He Said Omala: Catch Supposes
· Sophie B. Hawkins: Right Beside You
· Holly & The Italians: Tell That Girl to Shut Up
· Hooverphonic: A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
· Happyhead: Give Happyhead (see also Carl Marsh and Shriekback)
· Hipsway: Hipsway, Live @ Reading University '87
· Ofra Hazah: Shaday
· Hamka: Sand Glass
· Halo In Reverse: I Machine
· H.I.M. : Funeral of Hearts
· Hazel O'Connor: Breaking Glass, Private Wars, LA Confidential (live in LA), Five in the Morning, Beyond the Breaking Glass, Hazel O'Connor, Smile, Cover Plus, Sons and Lovers
· Hermit Bastard: Levity
· The Hoodoo Gurus: Magnum Cum Louder
· Hedwig & The Angry Inch Soundtrack (original stage cast)
· Human Sexual Response: Number 12
· Robert Hazard: Escalator of Life (ep)
· Images in Vogue: The Best of Images in Vogue
· In Mitra Medusa Inri: Long Forgotten World
· Illuminati: Lowlands, Thunder Among the Lillies
· Ian Dury: Wants 'n' Audience 1999, Live Odeon Hammersmith '78
· Icehouse: Crazy
· In Search of Angels
· Immersion: Oscillating, Low Impact I & II
· Iggy Pop: Brick by Brick
· Information Society: Information Society, Hack, Peace and Love Inc.
· INXS: The Best of INXS, The Swing
· In Slaughter Natives: Sacrosancts Bleed
· Jack Off Jill: Strawberry Gashes
· Jars of Clay: Flood
· Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity
· Jerry Harrison & The Casual Gods: Walk on Water, Casual Gods,
· James: Laid, Wah Wah, Getting Away With It, Live Ulster Hall '96
· Johnette Napolitano: Vowel Movements
· Jem: Woken
· Jefferson Airplane: Jefferson Airplane (reunion 1989)
· Joe Jackson: Live Manchester 1980-86
· Jethro Tull: Live NYC 1978, Heavy Horses, Roots to Branches, Minstrel in the Gallery, Songs From The Wood, A Passion Play, Warchild, Thick as a Brick, 20 Years of JT, Aqualung, Crest of a Knave, Rock Island, Broadsword and the Beasties (see also Ian Anderson), 2007 71-mp3’s
· Janis Ian: Hunger, God and the FBI , Up Til' Now
· Jill Sobule: Jill Sobule, Happytown, Pink Pearl, Things Here Are Different
· Joni Mitchell: Misses, Hejeira, Taming the Tiger, Court & Spark, Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm, Blue, Dog Eat Dog, Wild Things Run Fast, Night Ride Home
· Just Say Da Compilation
· Just Say Yes: Sire’s Winter CD Sampler
· Jesus Jones: Doubt
· Jade Redd: Rivers of Stone
· Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack
· Joydrop: Beautiful Like Me
· Joy Division: Permanent, Digital (see also New Order)
· Johnny Hates Jazz: Turn Back the Clock (cs), Best of JHJ (VERY rare)
· Jae Cie: JaeCie (Lp), Up For Grabs (cs), Phoenix, Thief in the Night, Come As You Are, Between the Lines, Oil & Water (go to for purchase)
· Jimmy Sommerville: Root Beer (see also Bronski Beat)
· Jane Siberry: Jacob's Ladder
· Jane Aire & The Belvederes: Jand Aire & The Belvederes
· Grace Jones: Bulletproof Heart, Slave to the Rhythm
· Kansas: Best of Kansas
· kd lang: Ingenue
· Kristen Hall: Fact or Fiction, Be Careful What You Wish For
· KMFDM: Megalomaniac
· The Knife: Neverland
· King Crimson: Discipline
· Kingfisher Sky: Into the Night’s Womb
· Kirsty MacColl: Kite, The One and Only, What do Pretty Girls Do, Titanic Days, Tropical Brainstorm (US release), They Don't Know (cd single/8 tracks), Electric Landlady
· Klaus Nomi: Best of Klaus Nomi (RIP Klaus Nomi)
· Kraftwerk: Live Buenos Aires 97-98
· Kate Bush: The Kick Inside, Best of Kate Bush, Aerial (2006), The Whole Story (dvd), The Hounds of Love (lp)
· Klaatu: Best of Klaatu, Magentalane, Sir Army Suit, Endangered Species
· Kid Silver: Dead City Sunrise
· Kids in the Kitchen: Change in Mood
· Krypteria: Time to Bring the Pain
· The KLF: 3 AM Eternal
· KUKL: Chant (this is Bjork, pre-Sugarcubes-a cd of untitled unintelligible songs)
· Love & Rockets: Earth Sun Moon, Express, Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven (see also Daniel Ash, Tones on Tail, and Bauhaus)
· Love Spit Love: How Soon is Now
· Ray Lynch: Deep Breakfast
· Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin
· LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge
· Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory
· Lacuna Coil: Karmacode (bonus)
· Leave’s Eyes: Leave’s Eyes
· Ladytron: On Edge
· Lords of Acid: Spank My Booty
· Lacrimosa: Requiem
· Lacuna Coil: In A Reverie
· Lena Horne: The Young Star (The Best of Lena Horne)
· Ladies of Jazz: Ella, Billie, and more
· Loop Guru: All These & The Japanese Soup Warriors
· Lene Lovich: The Very Best Of Lene Lovich, March, Stateless, The Stiff Years, Lene Lovich Greatest Hits, Shadows and Dust (2005, her 1st album in almost 20 years!!), Flex, Flex Plus, New Toy single
· Lilac Time: The Best of Lilac Time
· Lydia Lunch: Twisted
· Little River Band: Reminiscing
· Letters to Cleo: Wholesale Meats and Fish, Aroura Glory Alice (cs)
· Leona Naess: Comatised
· Liquido: Ordinary Life
· The Lemon Kittens: The Big Dentist (oh, so VERY VERY VERY rare - see also Danielle Dax)
· The Lotus Eaters: Intimations (d/l's)
· Little Nell: Dance That Latin Way (rare, ep)
· Led Zeppelin: IV, Houses of the Holy
· Laether Strip: Anal Cabaret-A Tribute to Soft Cell (available at
· Living in Oblivion (Vols. 2 & 5)
· Low Pop Suicide: The Death of Excellence, On the Cross of Commerce (see also The Elastic Purejoy, Shriekback, & Gang of Four)
· Lullacry: Unchain Me
· Lunatica: End of Infinity
· Michelle Shocked: House Burning Down
· Magazine: It's A Gas (see also Barry Adamson)
· Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell
· Melotron: Propaganda
· Matrix soundtrack
· Michael Penn: March (cs)
· Mono, Inc: My Sick Mind TV
· Modern English: Life in the Gladhouse
· Mothers Finest: Another Mother Further
· Morphine: The Night
· Minister: Babylon Menace
· Mondo Rock: The Best of Mondo Rock
· Miracle Legion: Wonderment
· Edith Massey: Big Girls Don't Cry (RIP Edith Massey)
· My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult: The Devil Does Drugs, I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits (cs), Sexplosion (cs)
· Mystical Sun: Something So Pure
· Marillion: The Best of Marillion
· Mortla Love: Memory
· Massive Attack: Mezzanine, Protection
· Martini Ranch: Holy Cow (this cost me $45 on eBay!!!)
· Matisyahu: Shake off the Dust…Arise
· The Minus 5: Down With Wilco
· Dave Matthews Band: Under the Table and Dreaming
· Morcheeba: Who Can You Trust, Fragments of Freedom
· Modest Mouse: Alone Down There
· Eleanor Mcevoy: The Best of Eleanor McEvoy
· Manhunter (soundtrack): Special Ltd. Fanclub Edit., Remix Edit 1, Remix Ed 2
· Men Without Hats: Pop Goes The World
· The Motels: Shock (rare and LIVE)
· Mi-Sex: People
· Midge Ure: Words (see also Visage)
· Madness: Total Madness
· Midnight Oil: Diesel and Dust , Redneck Wonderland, Live UK '85
· Manheim Steamroller: Christmas in the Aire (1988 & 1991) (cs)
· Marianne Faithfull: Broken English, Breaking Away, A Perfect Stranger, Kissin' Time
· Monster Magnet: Dopes to Infinity
· Magnolia Soundtrack (Aimee Mann & Supertramp)
· Moby: Early Underground (cs), Moby (cs)
· Martha & the Muffins: Far Away In Time
· Ministry: 12" Singles
· Bob Mould: Workbook, Black Sheets of Rain (please go to for purchase and info - see also Sugar)
· The Minny Pops: Dolphin Spurt
· Miss Kitten & The Hacker: 1982
· My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
· Mike & The Mechanics: Living Years
· Milla Jovovich: The Peopletree Sessions, The Divine Comedy
· New Model Army: Thunder & Consolation
· The New York Dolls: Babylon
· Nightwish: Once, Dark Passion Play, Forever’s Child (Downloads),
· Heather Nova: Walk This World, South, Oyster
· Nena: Rette Mich
· Nina Hagen: Nina Hagen, Les Extremes, Return of the Mother, Nina Hagen in Ekstasy (cd & Lp), Bee Happy, Farbfilm Verbessen, Revolution Ballroom, 14 Friendly Abductions, Sternenmadchen, Nina Hagen Live 2001, Street, Nina Hagen Live DNA San Fran 1/7/03, Nina Hagen Live DNA San Fran 1/8/03 (both bootlegs), Live Krefeld (legit & bootleg), Angstlos, Fearless - for purchase info, bio, discography, and everything Nina Hagen, please go to
· Nathalie Imbruglia: Left of the Middle
· Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, Things Falling Apart, Demos & Remixes (u/r), Purest Feeling (u/r), Rusty Nails (u/r), Hammered-Bent-Clawed (u/r)
· Nitzer Ebb: Big Hit
· Neuropa: Again
· Nouvelle Vague: Remixes
· Nemesea: Empress Doom
· The Orb: Live UK 1991
· OutKast: The Love Below
· October Project: October Project, Falling Further In, Best of October Project
· One Dove: Sirens
· Onyx Eyes: Persephone
· Ric Ocasek/Mazzy Star: Carousel Cry
· Oingo Boingo: Skeletons in the Closet, The Millennium Collection
· Orange Hat: Visible Man (please go to for purchase and info/local Atlanta band-TV personalities.)
· OMD: Best of OMD
· Our Lady Peace: One Man Army
· The Orgy: Blue Monday
· The Ocean Blue: Cerulean
· Pseudo Echo: The Best of Pseudo Echo
· Placebo: Nancy Boy
· Pigface: Hips, Tits, Lips, and Power
· Psychedelic Furs: My Father's Place (WLIR Radio, 1982)
· Phish: Fukuoka-Japan 6/00, Austin City Limits 10/00
· Pulsallama: On The Rag (go to for free downloads!! - IF they are still available) - see also Ann Magnuson and Bongwater
· PJ Harvey: Is This Desire?, To Bring You My Love, Uh Huh Her, LSO St Luke's 2004, LSO BBC4 sessions
· Panic! At the Disco: Panic! At the Disco
· Polystyrene: Translucence
· Prince: The Vault (very rare/out of print), The Black Album (rare)
· Poe: Hello, Haunted, Forgottens
· Peta "Tame Yourself" Compilation
· Propaganda: Wishful Thinking, The Murder of Love
· Portishead: Dummy, Live in NY
· Poi Dog Pondering: Love Poi
· Pop Will Eat Itself: Bulletproof, The Looks and the Lifestyle (cs)
· Pink Floyd: Saucer Full of Secrets, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, The Early Years (see Syd Barrett – RIP SYD!!), Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Relics, Meddle, The Wall, Pulse, The Division Bell , The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
· Phoebe Snow: The Best of Phoebe Snow
· Public Image Ltd: The Best of Public Image Ltd, PIL
· PM Dawn: Best of PM Dawn
· The Plasmatics: Masterplan
· Primus: The Best of Primus
· Peter Gabriel: The Best of Peter Gabriel, Passion (aka "The Last Temptation of Christ" soundtrack)
· Peter Murphy: The Best of Peter Murphy, Holy Smoke, Alive Just For Love, Dust (see also Bauhaus)
· Primal Scream: Screamadelica
· Pylon: Hits, Chain
· Poisonblack: Rush (ep)
· Prozzak: Hot Show
· Pukka Orchestra: Listen to the Radio
· Prefab Sprout: The Golden Calf
· The Plimsouls: Everywhere at Once
· The Pursuit of Happiness: One Sided Story, Love Junk
· Psychic TV: Descending (VERY rare)
· Psyche: Tears (music from my friend ANDERS is Denmark! Thank you Anders!)
· Ph Balance: C'est Noir
· Pizzicatto Five: Baby Love Child
· Q'Cumba Zoo: Wake Up & Dream
· Queen: Queen Rocks, Best of Queen (2 cd set - homemade), News of the World (Lp)
· Suzi Quatro: Who the Fuck is Alice?
· The Ramones: Ramones Mania, Rocket to Russia (RIP Joey Ramone)
· Rolling Kansas Soundtrack
· Rickie Lee Jones: Ghostyhead
· Red Rider: Best of Lunatic Fringe
· Rob Zombie: Dragula
· Rain Fell Within: False reality (ep)
· Robert Marlow: Life In a Film
· Romeo Void: Might Like You Better
· Paul Robeson: Songs For Free Men
· REM: Murmur
· Roxy Music: Avalon, Live Frejus France 1982, Live UK 1979 (this is a bootleg) - see also Brian Ferry
· Rush: Rush, Fly By Night, Hemispheres, 2112, Presto, Permanent Waves (cs)
· The Roches: Can We Go Home Now, Speak
· Ruby: Salt Peter, Stroking The Full Length, Lillypad
· Richard O'Brien: Absolute O'Brien
· "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Soundtrack (and several live bootleg UK recordings on cs)
· Ryan Adams: Gold (voted "worst dressed man of 2002" by E-online)
· Renegade Soundwave: Lucky Luke, The Best of Renegade Soundwave
· Radiohead: Pablo Honey, I Might Be Wrong
· Rubber Rodeo: Scenic Views (thanks to an anonymous viewer, I was priviledged to obtain this CD. Thank you S!)
· Rough Trade: High School Confidential
· The Roches “Will you be my Friend?”
· Styx: Boat on the River
· Patti Smith: Gone Again, RadioEthopia
· Shakira: Laundry Service (Get her earlier Spanish recordings! VERY good stuff!)
· Slow Children: Unplugging the Vacuum
· Steeleye Span: Spanning the Years
· Scraping Foetus off the Wheel: Nail
· Strange Angels: Deadly
· Snog: Corporate Slave
· Silentium: Unbroken
· Spyro Gyra: Collection 1991
· Sugar: File Under Easy Listening, Copper Blue (also see Bob Mould)
· Seals and Crofts: The Best of …
· Sisters of Mercy: Some Girls Wander by Mistake, Some Boys Wander By Mistake, ...In Darkness, Slight Case of Overbombing, Rare & U/R
· Shriekback: Care, Tench, Jam Science (Y Records and Arista), Oil & Gold, Big Night Music, Go Bang, Sacred City, Naked Apes and Pond Life, Alternative Mixes, Priests and Kanibals, The Dancing Years, The Y Record Years, Aberrations, The Infinite, Knowledge-Power-Truth-Sex (EP), Live Gloucester '83, Live Sydney '86, Berlin/Captain Cook, Live Hatfield Polytechnic '85, Vicissitudes, Secrets of the City (cd & vhs), Jungle of the Senses (vhs and dvd), Demonstration, Rare and In Between (with Fluke), Over the Wire, Having a Moment, Cormorant, Glory Bumps
· Stic Basin: Stic Basin (see also Barry Andrews and Shriekback)
· Space Monkey: We Are Supercool (ep)
· Split Enz: I Got You (single, taken from LP)
· Sarah MacLaughlan: Solace
· Sam Phillips: Cruel Inventions, Omnipop, Fan Dance
· Rachel Sweet: The Best of Rachel Sweet (B.A.B.Y.), Fool Around (UK Release)
· Single Gun Theory: The Stars in My Hands (A Million Miles), Flow River of My Soul
· Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1
· The Sugarcubes: Life’s Too Good
· Stan Ridgeway: Mosquitoes, The Best of Stan Ridgeway
· Sunscream: 02
· Snake River Conspiracy: Sonic Jihad
· Soul Coughing: El Oso
· Satyrian: Invictus
· Son Volt: Straightaways, Trace, Wide Swing Tremolo (see also Wilco)
· Shock Treatment Soundtrack (see also "Rocky Horror" and Richard O'Brien)
· Sun 60: Only, Headjoy
· Superchick: The Best of Superchick
· Steve Vai: The 7th Sons
· Synthetic Dream Foundation: Sound Organized in Time
· Shonen Knife: Happy Hour
· Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters
· The Shaman: Boss Drum
· The Stone Roses: Breaking Into Heaven
· Carly Simon: Anticipation, No Secrets, Coming Around Again
· Suede: Modern Boys
· Katey Sagal: I Don't Wanna Know (ep)
· Shona Laing: South, New on Earth, Shona Laing, Best of Shona Laing
· The Suggababes: One Touch
· Skaven: Rage Rage
· The Steve Miller Band: Best of Steve Miller '74-'78, Abracadabra
· Scritti Politti: Best of SP
· Steely Dan: Pretzel Logic, Aja, Katy Lied, Royal Scam (cd and Lp), Gaucho, Alive in America
· Swimmer: Surreal
· Skinny Puppy: Vivi Sect IV, Cleanse Fold Manipulate, 12" Anthology, Chainsaw (bootleg!!!)
· Supertramp: Breakfast in America
· Soft Cell: Memorabilia
· Smashmouth: Walkin' on the Sun
· Shakespeare's Sister: Hormonally Your's
· Shawn Colvin: A Few Small Repairs
· Sushirobo: Action Causes More Trouble Than Thought
· Siouxsie & the Banshees: Superstition (see also The Creatures)
· The Sundays: Wild Horses
· Melanie Safka: Best of Melanie
· St. Etienne: Angel
· Sounds of the 70's: PUNK AND NEW WAVE collection
· St. Germaine: Sentimental Moods
· Secession: A & B Sides
· Shadowfax: Folksong for a Nuclear Village
· Simple Minds: Street Fighting Years
· Sirenia: Seven Keys and Nine Doors
· The Stranglers: Mad Hatter, The Stranglers Work
· Stereolab: Cobras..., Refried Ectoplasm, Switched On, Aluminum Tunes Volumes I & II
· Tears for Fears: Tears Roll Down (The Best of...), Songs From The Big Chair, Elemental, Raoul and the Kings of Spain, Saturnine Martial and Lunatic (rare B-sides), Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (2006)
· Torch Song: Windup Ensemble 1983
· Tegan and Sara: Tegan and Sara
· Tarja Turunen: Winter Storm (bonus)
· The Gathering: In Motion
· Therion: The Wand of Abaris
· Theatre of Tragedy: Silent Voices
· Tiamat: Deeper Kind of Slumber (cd single-7 tracks)
· The Tubes: Live UK 1984 (bootleg)
· T'Pau: China In Your Hands (ep)
· Talk Talk: Best of Talk Talk, It's My Life, Spirit of Eden, The Colour of Spring
· Thee Caretakers: Thee Caretakers
· Thirteen at Midnight: I'm Sick
· Tristania: Fear Not the Doves
· Thievery Corporation: Sound File 001
· Tragodia: Demons in the Dark
· The Teardrop Explodes: The Teardrop Explodes
· Throbbing Gristle: DOA-The Third and Final Report
· Tanya Donelly: Goat Girl (see also Belly and Throwing Muses)
· Tricky: Vulnerable, Pre Millennium Tension
· Taxxi: Players (ep)
· Tanita Tikaram: Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, Everybody's Angel, I Might Be Crying, Wonderful Shadow, You Make The Whole World Cry, The Sweet Keeper (cs), Angel Heart (cs), Bone Dry Coma
· Television: Venus
· The Moon Seven Times: The Moon Seven Times
· Tom Tom Club: You Sexy Thing, The Good The Bad and the Funky, Tom Tom Club
· Tuxedo Moon: What's the Use?
· Tones on Tail: Tones on Tail, Live in UK (this is a bootleg) - see also Daniel Ash, Bauhaus, & Love & Rockets
· Tangerine Dream: Best of Tangerine Dream
· Tom Petty: Best of Tom Petty
· "Titan AE" Soundtrack
· The Thompson Twins: Queer
· Tarja Turunen: Winter Storm
· Roger Taylor: Man on Fire
· Throwing Muses: Grafitti (see also Belly and Tonya Donelly)
· "Toys" Soundtrack
· Threesome Soundtrack
· Translator: Everything is Falling
· Trio: Da Da Da, Das Zvei
· Teenage Fanclub: Alcoholiday
· Tourists: Greatest Hits of the Tourists - Also see Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, & David A. Stewart
· Todd Rundgren: Best of Todd Rundgren, Nearly Human
· Billy Thorpe: Earth Calling (and w/The Aztecs-bonus)
· The The: Soul Mining, Nature of Virtue (ep-RARE!), Dusk (plus bonus mtrl.), Mind Bomb, Naked Self, Infected, Hanky Panky (I have this listed with ebay - I don't like it at all - buy it from me, cheap! Use link below to go to Ebay), Solitude (remixes/covers), Burning Blue Soul (Matt Johnson), Rarities/Mix-2cd set (rare/live), Absolute Liberation, Live in UK (BBC Radio), Live in New York (WNEW Radio), Live Reading Festival 1993 (bootleg), The The vs. the World (vhs)
· Tasmin Archer: Shipbuilding
· Toni Childs: House of Hope, Woman's Boat
· Tank Girl Soundtrack
· 'Til Tuesday: Best of 'Til Tuesday-A Retrospective, Everything's Different Now, Voices Carry (cs), Welcome Home (cs) - see also Aimee Man
· Timbuk 3: The Best of Timbuk 3
· Emiliana Torinni “Silence”
· Underworld: Beaucoup Fish, Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Second Toughest in the Infants (also see Freur)
· U2: The Joshua Tree
· Under the Covers I “Suzannah Hoffs and matthew Sweet”
· Until December: We Are The Boys
· Ultra 80's vs. Electro 1.20
· Suzanne Vega: Beauty and Solitude, The Best of Suzanne Vega
· Vitamin Z: Dancers of Eve
· Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes
· Van Morrison: Moondance
· Veruca Salt: All Hail The Seether
· VNV Nation: Holding On (cd single-4 tracks)
· Voice of the Beehive: Best of The Beehive
· Visage: The Best of Visage (see also Midge Ure)
· Ana Voog: Terrified (2 cd set)
· The Veils: The Runaway Found, More Heat Than Light (ep) - see also Shriekback
· Wire: Chairs Missing, The Ideal Copy, The Drill, A Bell is a Cup, The Peel Sessions, Send, Live @ The Metro Chicago '02
· Wall of Voodoo (Stan Ridgeway): The Best of Stan Ridgeway
· Rick Wakeman: The Myths and Legends of King Arthur, Overture
· Wire Train: Chamber of Hellos (very rare)
· The Wolfgang Press: Honey Tree/The Best of Wolfgang Press, Collection 85-91, Standing Up Straight, Funky Little Demons, Bird Wood Cage
· Wilco: Being There, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, KCRW 10/02 Live, Bumbershoots Seattle 2002, YHF - Australian Release w/bonus tracks, War on War promo cd, Bright Eyes (dvd)-Austin City Limits, (see also Son Volt)
· Weird Al Yankovich: 2004, Hits
· Toyah (Willcox): Dance (ep), Sunday All Over The World, Live and More, Sheepfarming, Take The Leap, The Blue Meaning, The Changeling, Mayhem, Love is the Law, The Acoustic Album, Desire, Ophelia's Shadow, Prostitute, (with Nigel Planer) Cabaret, Rare and Unreleased, Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!
· Wolfsheim: Love Song
· Wendy G: The Prodigal
· Wumpscut: Embryo Dead
· Within Temptation: Within Temptation, Mother Earth, The Heart of Everything, The Silent Force, Mother Earth Live Tour, Black Symphony Live
· Warm & Fuzzy: Alternative Peace (compilation - 12 tracks)
· Waitresses: Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?, The Best of the Waitresses
· Anna Waronker: Anna
· Ween: The Best of Ween
· Was (not Was): What Up Dog?
· Jane Wiedlin: Fur (see also The Go Go's)
· Julianne Werding: Armageddon
· Wild Swans: Mythical Beast
· Roger Waters “The Wall”
· Wide Boy Awake: Are We on Mars Yet?
· White Zombie: More Human Than Human
· XTC: Upsy Daisy, Drums Be Wireless, Go 2, White Music (see also Barry Andrews & Shriekback)
· Xandria: Fight Me
· Yes: Fragile (cd and Lp)
· Yaz: Live UK 1983 (this is a bootleg), Upstairs at Eric's, Best of Yaz
· Yello: Claro Que Si
· Neil Young: After the Gold Rush, Best of Neil Young
· John Zorn: Bar Kokhba I & II, Spillane, IAO, Trembling Before G-D, Kristall Nacht
· Warren Zevon: The Best of Warren Zevon
· Ween: Best of Ween
· Amy Winehouse: Back to Black
· Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage Pt 1, Strictly Commercial, Studio Tan, (with The Mothers of Invention) Live @ the Fillmore 1971
· Zoar: Secrets of the Undead
· Zongamin: Zongamin