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Friends are very important in our lives. They share the good and the bad, healthy and sick, are there for you no matter what. Here are some pix of people in my life I consider to be part of that elite group. (I've included some fotoz of people I've met online also, some really nice people.) These pictures are not arranged in any order of importance in my life. ALL the people included on this page are important to me, so have a look at some of my friends, eh???

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gar and amy with noah, purim, 2000



We're a happy family, me, mom, and daddy.

Above we see my dear friend Amy (the one with the silly hat and the baby), her husband Gary, and, of course, Baby Noah. Amy and I have known each other forever, well, since high school. In fact she was my jr. prom date, 1980 I think??? We have been thru a lot together and Amy is as much part of my family as any blood relation. Thanks for a shitload of great memories, Lady Insane. Incidently, these pix are of people I consider my very best friends, almost like family :)))

the gang

Scott and Patty

best friends

best friend too


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Dwayne Baxter (rip my friend)

This is Dwayne L. Baxter. He was one of my best friends. I say "was" because he has since died. I learned so many things from Dwayne, like tolerance, acceptance, and boy, he really knew how to have a good time. I love Dwayne as much as one person CAN love another. He was my spiritual brother and I think of him every day. I was honored to be his friend. His best friend.

Red Crystal Ball

Linda Sheffer

This is my friend Linda. I met Linda while working for the same company as she when I lived in Delaware, so we used to talk on the phone all the time, checking merchandise, talking about this and that. One day I decided to show up at HER store, and we have been the closest of friends ever since. I was always able to be myself around Linda and in the almost 15 years I have known her, I dont think we have ever had a single argument, a single disagreement. I simply adore Linda and would do anything for her. My feelings for her go beyond friend, beyond love, she is family.

Bill Gareau

This is my friend Bill. I first me Bill a few years ago at the Dekalb County Health Clinic. He was my therapist!! Aint that a kick in the rubber parts?! Well, now he's living in Maine with his partner, and we have become famous friends and have formed a bond that 1,000 miles isnt going to sever.

jeanie C

I met Jeanie (aka JaeCie) when I was working for a small ticket agency that was handling the ticketing for the GLAMA Awards, and award for which Jeanie had been nominated. (Gay and Lesbian American Music Awards....i think.) No, she didn't win, but the nomination was an important honor. Jeanie's music is part rock, part jazz, and part inspiration. Jeanie is an accomplished musician, withe several albums under her belt. Visit her fantastic website, d/l her music, and tell her Scott sent you!


This is one of my closest friends and roommate, Randy. We've known each other about 8 years and met when I was just a wee-tot on AOL and we just started chatting one night, realized we had a lot on common, and have since then become great friends. Randy is a friend I can hang out with, go to dinner, out for a game of pool (if he can get me out), and one of the few people I know who really knows what a friend is. And as a roommate, he is awesome. I couldnt ask for a better friend.


Above is a picture from my 38th birthday. That's (l-r) me, my best friend Amy, and another very special friend, Erika. It was a small intimate gathering of my nearest and dearest, thrown together by my friend Roger, who's pic is on this page as well. It was a really special evening full of booze, drugs, and wild women. No actually, there werent any wild women.


Patrice Bonnen. Spiritual sister. She's my moon spirit (those late nite swims!!) and one of the dearest people I know. We've been friends for about 15 years now.


This is my sister Jennifer. I have included her here on this page because she is more than my sister. She is my friend. As we got older, we found out that we had a lot in common, and now, though I love her dearly as my sister, I value our friendship as well and stay in constant contact with her (even though she is in California and I am in Georgia). I am very proud of Jennifer, having recently completed her PhD and now teaching in South California. If you want to contact Jennifer or get information on any of her research projects, please email me and I will get the message to her.


No, I don't know him, but, well, it's so small. Who'da thunk it.


Above is a picture of my friend Kelly Wright (nee Ericksen) and her adorable son Kaleb. Kelly and I have been friends for years, have been through a lot together, and I value her friendship more than she could know. Although there is a substantial age difference (she is much younger than me) we have always been able to connect on a higher level. Love you, Kaleilei and Kaleb!

Barb in DC

 This is Barb, my beautiful friend from DC. I met Barb through a Yahoo club and we REALLY clicked and, well, I just adore her. I wish Barb lived closer as we would be hanging out all the time. Maybe one day I will make it to DC and visit this georgeous gal!! I love ya, baby!


This is my friend, Jaime. I met her thru one of my e-groups and we clicked immediately. I have made it my personal mission to supply her with the best music I can burn. Jaime is a sweet, pretty, funny girl with a great personality, VERY upbeat and always makes me smile. I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything in the world. Love ya, baby!


This is my friend Suzan. We have been freinds for many years and, though we have lost touch a few times, our freindship is still as strong as ever. Suzan is back in my life now, and married to a really great guy, Joe, probably THE most liberal redneck I know, and also, a very good friend.


This is a pic of an old friend/lover, Steven. We were together during the mid 80's while I was living in Wilmington, Delaware (he lived in Philly-only a short drive from Wilmington.) We had a great relationship and were very close. I have long since lost touch with Steve, but maybe by posting his pic here there's a slim chance he or someone who knows him might see it. I think about Steve often. I'd really like to get back in touch with him.


It was a night out (a what?!) A NIGHT OUT that they would remember for a long, long time. One night in Philly, 1986 (I'm guessing), l-r: Dwayne, Steve, Lee (I was the one taking the picture).


This is my dear friend Roger. We met years ago when I was involved with someone else. We lost touch but then reconnected again a short time ago, dated for a while, it didnt work, but we have remained good friends. No, GREAT friends. Roger is a real "pistol. This pic was taken in Chatanooga, Tn, the sign Roger is holding says "All madams must keep their girls off the streets at night." HOW appropriate!! LOL (Roger is going to kill me for publishing this pic.)"


This is my friend Stephen. We met online about a year and a half ago and have become the best of friends. I love spending time with Stephen and we get along just great. He is a kind, gentle, funny man who I am blessed to have in my life. Stephen and I have a very special relationship, more than friends, almost like family. I truly love Stephen and know that he will be a part of me for the rest of my life. (Here's to YOU, Stephen! - <lifting a glass in toast>)

To all of you, thank's so much for sending me these wonderful pix to include on my page. You all are very special to me. If you are viewing this page and don't see your picture here and would like to be included, please email me using the email link below.


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It was a mercy killing.....
He had a certain...naive charm...but
no spark!